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Better bee health? Let apiarist plan it


Bee authority Anne Marie Fauvel will present “Bee Informed: Honey Bee Science and How to Help” Tuesday, May 7, at Douglas Congregational United Church of Christ, 56 Wall St., from 6:30 to 8 30 p.m. All are welcome, free.
Fauvel, tech team coordinator for the Bee Informed Partnership based at the University of Maryland, will share the latest data on Michigan honeybee populations and how we can manage our own landscapes to help these important pollinators thrive.
Grand Haven-based Fauvel oversees logistics of five mobile regional technical-transfer teams working directly with commercial beekeepers, to bridge the gap between industry and academic research.
The teams lead the sampling effort to collect data on colony health, management and treatment and act as consultant with their regional and national perspectives.
Fauvel also teaches at Grand Valley State University and manages the small GVSU Meijer Campus Apiary in Holland.
Are honeybee populations declining? And are pesticides to blame? Fauvel will discuss the many causes of colony losses and give examples of local and national programs, and research efforts to better understand colony health and improve survivorship through best management practices.
For more information, visit beeinformed.org.4-11 Fauvel Ann 1x-cr