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Douglas dramatist slates free readings Saturday


Some may know Timothy Glinkski as a 20-year Douglas resident, retired IBM Corp. program director, After Blue Consulting owner, lawyer, former village president, birding and photography enthusiast …

He’s a playwright too.

Glinksi will offer a free, 90-minute staged reading of “Recollections,” based on autobiographical subjects, of select scenes and 10-minute plays Saturday, Sept. 15, in the Saugatuck Woman’s Club, 303 Butler St., Sauga-tuck, starting at 7 p.m.

Light refreshments will be served afterwards. Donations to defer costs will be accepted.

Four actors and a narrator will perform without sets or full costumes, holding scripts and verbalizing the pieces’ characters without moving around the stage. Works will include:

“Reunion Five-0,” recounts Glinski’s 50th high school reunion in June 2017. Scene two jumps back 40 years to “Reunion One-0,” his first venture into non-linear plays.

“Mothers” revisits how the playwright was adopted shortly after birth and only discovered many years later that his biological family didn’t live far from where he grew up. His biological mother and her mother (hence, “Mothers”) hid her pregnancy from their large family, and rushed to Chicago to keep Glinski’s birth secret from the family. He was adopted and brought back near the old neighborhood, unbeknownst to them.

“Gunslingers” tells the true story of four 12-year-old boys (the writer and friends on his block) who found a gun and ammunition in the garbage put out for weekly garbage pickup one day during summer 1961.

“Daughters” deals with the premature birth of twin girls and other life-changing events that day.

“Torts” revisits Glinski’s first day and first class his first year of law school.

“Breaking” deals with what happens to a 19-year-old college guy living away from home for the first time and trying to earn a few extra bucks to stay in touch with his steady girlfriend back home.

“Dinner” describes a business meal after work by two colleagues that takes a sharp turn, surprising one of them.

After retiring from IBM, Glinski decided to adapt his writing for the stage and discovered the Chicago Dramatists group offering stage productions and classes taught by professional playwrights. He continues to take these classes thinking there is always more to learn and scripts are never done; rewriting is a continual part of the process.

All the staged readings Saturday have gone through numerous table readings at Chicago Dramatists. None will be its first draft or performance. Three of their actors (all published authors) are from Glinski’s Holland writing group; one a Saugatuck area stage veteran, and the last from northwest Indiana who has worked at Second City in Chicago.

“The show is an opportunity to share what I love,” said Glinski, who is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Chicago Dramatists Writers’ Studio and National New Play Exchange.

All are welcome to attend.