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Douglas OK’s new police car, fines

Douglas OK’s new police car, fines


Douglas police will be driving a new vehicle now a replacement budgeted for in July 2019 at last is ready.

City council March 16 approved releasing up to $39,224.05 to acquire a dark blue 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility All-Wheel Drive, to be traded in for a similar 2013 vehicle with close to 136,000 miles on it.

The new vehicle alone costs $33,049. Equipment will run between $8,456.15 and $10,206.05 depending on partition costs, which are still unknown.

Seller Signature Ford Lincoln of Owosso put the old Interceptor on the taxi bid program and came in with a $4,000 high bid last July, when Douglas first placed its order for the new car.

“There has been a significant delay in the manufacturing of patrol vehicles for all departments,” police chief Steve Kent told council. “The new vehicle is now ready for delivery.”

In other action Monday, council:

• Agreed to update the city’s Stopping, Standing and Parking Ordinance Chapter 70 per Kent’s recommendation to a uniform $25 fee for most parking violations.

Exceptions are $100 for unauthorized parking in a handicapped spot, $50 for parking within 15 feet of a hydrant, $30 for overnight parking at Union Street Boat Launch without a launch permit and parking without payment at Schultz Park, and $10 for bicycle parking violations.

The ordinance now also includes language concerning vehicle impoundment in cases of:

• Six or more unpaid traffic tickets; and

• In the interest of public safety because of fire, flood, storm, snow, natural or manmade disaster or other emergency.

Motorists will have to pay towing fees to recover vehicles so impounded.

• Reappointed Kelley Heneghan, Matthew McWeb and Bruce Stewart to the Planning Commission and Mike Van Loon to the Kalamazoo Lake Harbor Authority, all terms ending in 2023.

• Reappointed Maria Droz to the Board of Review and Louise Kenny to replace Jerry Donovan on the Downtown Development Authority.