Home Around Town Douglas tables Saugatuck city trail draft
Douglas tables Saugatuck city trail draft

Douglas tables Saugatuck city trail draft


By Scott Sullivan


Douglas City Council Monday joined the Saugatuck Township Board tabling a Saugatuck City-proposed Blue Star Trail joint resolution.

Council, like the township board, chose instead to appoint two members to work on what they described as a truly collaborative plan to complete the non-motorized path’s north section.

Saugatuck City Council (see story elsewhere this week) unanimously approved a resolution drafted by manager Kirk Harrier, with verbiage added by councilman Barry Johnson, expressing “support” for the trail but based on conditions the 501c3 nonprofit Friends of the Blue Star Trail — which has worked for nine years to fund a 20-mile recreational trail between South Haven and Saugatuck — viewed as unacceptable.

The township Nov. 6 tabled voting on it in favor of naming supervisor Cindy Osman, trustee Brenda Marcy and manager Griffin Graham to represent it on a committee including Friends board members, plus Douglas and Saugatuck city representatives, to draft what the board called a truly joint resolution.

Douglas followed suit Monday, naming trustees Kathy Mooradian and Jerry Donovan, plus manager Rich LaBombard, to that proposed committee.

Council Monday also named trustees Cathy North and Neal Seabert to a building committee exploring options for combining city hall and the police department into a single facility.

Look for more coming on that.