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‘End Game’ opens to rave reviews

‘End Game’ opens to rave reviews


By Mike Wilcox


Rarely, if ever, has a film been anticipated more than Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: End Game.” And from movie critics and filmgoers alike, the anticipation for once was warranted.

In its first five days of distribution the movie grossed more than $1.2 billion. That all but obliterated the next highest movie gate, the last in the “Avengers” series “Infinity War,” which held the box office record at $640 million.

Not long ago studios were pleased when a film grossed $1 million for the first two weeks. Marvel/Disney has upped the ante the last 10 years, as their movies in that time span have done more than $20 billion — a marvelous achievement, one might say. Do you think Disney is happy they purchased the Marvel brand? Ecstatic, I think.

Shawn Robbins, chief analyst for Boxoffice.com said, “Records are made to be broken, but no one in their right mind can argue there’s been a record more impressive than this.”

A Marvel man myself, I was looking forward to the newest “Avengers.” My son and I had plans to partake last weekend. But at the last minute he begged out, instead choosing to see it with his cousins.

I wasn’t happy since he and I had seen practically every Marvel movie together. So I was left with my phone and hopes I could find a singular seat at a theater close by. It didn’t happen. Every seat in every theater at every show time was sold out.

His cousins were smart; they bought advance tickets. My son knew what he was doing as well. He went with the advance-purchase cousins versus the father who was just going to show up at the appointed time. I guess I will try again this weekend.

If you believe those on social media, “End Game” was nothing short of fantastic. Despite its 3-hour length I am told it is the best “Avengers” movie yet. Rotten Tomatoes scored it with a 96 percent and CinemaScore gave it their best A-plus rating. I doubt another movie this year will score as high.

Marvel/Disney, with help from DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) have pretty much destroyed the traditional Hollywood studio. The comedies, romance and drama flicks that were once staples of the industry are now dwarfed by comic book heroes.

Marvel movies have a simple formula repeated over and over, whether it be Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man or Logan. Unlike past practices, Marvel humanizes the comic book characters. The storyline is as much about personal triumphs as it is about good defeating evil. There is much heartache and tragedy, but on the flipside there is just as much character development and humor.

Again, I have sworn my friends to silence. I know very little about “End Game” and don’t want to. I do know, however, I anticipate the day I too can view this wonderful movie. It may be at midnight or 6 a.m. but if my friends and critics are correct, it will be well worth the few hours of sleep I miss.