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Epstein media coverage dies after suicide

Epstein media coverage dies after suicide


By Mike Wilcox


Just a month ago Jeffrey Epstein was front and center of all news programs. The billionaire pedophile with an A-list of friends, including former President Bill Clinton and England’s Prince Andrew, who allegedly partook in his elaborate escapades was set to drain “the swamp” faster than President Trump could ever imagine.

Along the way he supposedly committed suicide in a jail cell watched 24-7 by armed guards. Many questioned the legitimacy of the suicide, claiming Epstein’s friends in high places had him killed, or they secretly whisked him off to some unknown place.

After the coroner confirmed death by suicide, little has been heard about Epstein, his associates or victims. It’s like the man never existed. The news channels shut off all talk concerning his escapades and supposed demise.

I was looking forward to the lurid details of those escapades. I wanted to know who in D.C. and other venues around the world were part of his “band of pedophiles.” I wanted names named and those involved to spend many years behind bars.

I spent a few weeks years ago on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, checking out a business venture. Two names always came up in any discussions there: Kenny Chesney and Jeffrey Epstein.

Chesney was revered because he had a home on the island and was a frequent visitor. Epstein, on the other hand, had a compound on that locals called “Lolita Island” slightly further than a stone’s throw away from St. John.

Locals recalled Epstein coming to St. John to buy supplies, always flanked by pretty but very young females. They allegedly remember one visit with Prince Andrew by his side. The locals had plenty of stories as to what took place at the compound and were curious how Epstein escaped the watchful eyes of the U.S. government.

It is still the same now. If you believe suicide was Epstein’s fate, I guess he finally got his due, but what about all the co-conspirators? Shouldn’t they be brought to trial? Shouldn’t we at least know who accompanied him on his trips to Lolita Island, or were frequent guests at his Palm Beach mansion?

If the government’s case against Epstein can be proven, he and his cohorts recruited dozens, maybe hundreds of underage girls to work for him, which eventually included massages and sex. Shouldn’t these young women have their day in court?

Epstein, by many accounts, used his billions to gain influence by providing the wealthy and powerful with young girls for their pleasure. It makes me want to gag.

But almost as bad at this point is the total shutdown of news coverage. One can only surmise that the powerful who may be implicated in an Epstein escapade can wield that power over anyone who may dare to investigate further.