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Good riddance to California

Good riddance to California


By Mike Wilcox


There are a couple movements gathering signatures as we speak to remove California from the United States. The high-profile groups “Yes California” and “California National Party” expect to get the issue on the state ballot within the next couple years.

Political pundits say if the issue gets on the ballot, it has a good chance of passing, possibly making California an independent nation.

Of course the Trump presidency has fueled the nationalist movement in California. One of only five states that has a Democratic governor and majority in the state legislature, California has always leaned left. It is the last place in America where the political left rules unimpeded over a society and economy large enough to prosper as a nation.

Many of us don’t realize California has the sixth largest economy in the world. That essentially means, after the United States, China, Russia, India and Japan, there is California with a larger economy than Great Britain, France or any other country.

On the flip side, California and its close-to-40-million residents have problems. Poverty levels greater than Appalachia are strangling parts of the state. Immigration, much of it illegal, feeds poverty and crime. The high cost of living adds to the equation. One wonders without the federal government pouring money in to the state, how they would prosper as their own nation.

Venture capitalist and billionaire Tim Draper thinks it can work. He’s devised a plan where the new nation would be divided into six states. It’s a ballot initiative called “Six Californias.” Draper allows for Los Angeles and the ultra-liberal actors to have their own state. Silicon Valley and San Francisco to have another. The up-north hippies who voted for Bernie Sanders and then Donald Trump would have another. And so on.

The California National Party’s platform calls for a “small professional military,” but offers an out for objectors called a civil corps. The group hopes to share defense duties with the United States. So if you object to war and serving your country, you don’t have to. How convenient. Do these party leaders really think any Californians will serve if they don’t have to?

Only in California would crazy ideas like these be seriously considered. The so-called Second Bear Republic, which has passed all kinds of questionable ballot initiatives the past few years, could pass a secessionist initiative. It is not out of the realm of possibility.

I have a friend who hates everything about California. He hates Jerry Brown, who seems to have been the state governor longer than General Motors has made cars. Heck I remember, or I think I do, Jerry in the 1970s leading the charge against conservatism.

My friend hates Hollywood and liberal actors who he thinks know nothing about what they spew. He hates Silicon Valley and all the new tech companies that come up with gadgets that interrupt his traditional way of doing things.

Maybe he’s just a hater, but trust me, he would be first in line to wish California residents good riddance. I have a feeling there would be scores of Trump-lovers and ultra-conservatives who would join him in that line.