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Henry’s ship comes in


9-26 Gleason Henry 3x-crHenry Gleason’s grandson, John Herbert, writes:


I was given this by Gramps awhile back. He asked me to deliver it as his last “Meanderings” and words to his family and friends when the time came.

Henry asked to go for a ride yesterday (Sept. 17) afternoon. He was on a mission to get some of his favorite cider donuts.

It is with a broken heart that I share that he passed away peacefully at Pier Cove beach on his way. He is loved and will be missed by many.


Henry wrote:

This will be my last “Meanderings” and words to all of my family and friends.

While you are reading this, I will be holding hands with Claradine again. I can’t help but realize how fortunate I have been.

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Saugatuck, and smart enough to stay here. I am sure I could have made more money working a job in the big city, but I have never had the desire to move and fight all that traffic. I don’t even like to drive in cities like Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids.

I had the best parents a kid could have ever hoped for. I loved having the river and lake right in our backyard. They became a big part of our life.

When Claradine married me, I became a Dad to four boys. I am proud of all of them. I am so glad to see how well they have all turned out.

I got to spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and even great grandchildren in the last few years. They have brought so much joy to my life.

Claradine and I had some awfully nice vacation trips in our married lifetime. We met nice people through our jobs and through the store. We enjoyed getting to know them all.

We worked very hard, sometimes even 15 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week in the summer. In the end it was all worth it. Treasure it!

When Claradine died it broke my heart, I have missed her so much and today we are finally together.


With much love,

Henry Gleason