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Kaepernick – fool or genius?

Kaepernick – fool or genius?



By Mike Wilcox



I’ve decided after this weekend’s fiasco, Colin Kaepernick is either a fool or genius/ I’m not sure which.

He was certainly clever when he parlayed his kneeling for the National Anthem into a multi-million dollar enterprise, mostly coming from Nike. His frizzy afro and fast talk made him a spokesperson for disadvantaged blacks, even though he was a millionaire many times over, and was raised by a white family in an upper-class neighborhood.

Some might argue, Hey, billionaire Trump rose to the presidency on the broken backs of blue-collar laborers, why can’t Kaepernick do the same with disadvantaged blacks?

He on top of the world until this weekend. This was supposed to be when Kaepernick displayed his quarterback wares, including his rocket arm, to nearly 25 NFL teams at the Atlanta Falcons football complex.

It was to be organized by the NFL, JayZ, in coordination with Kaepernick’s camp. Yes, the man supposedly banned from the NFL has a camp, or posse if you may, of a couple dozen hangers-on.

In the final hours before Kaepernick was to show the world how he hadn’t lost his football skills, even though he hadn’t played competitively in three years, the martyr decided to move the tryout to a high school field 60 miles away.

This was an NFL event, mind you, paid in whole by the league with a little help from JayZ (presumably acting as intermediary). Kaepernick said in the final moments he wouldn’t attend because certain media were not allowed, and if NFL teams were truly interested they could see him perform at the new location. Word has it six or seven of those teams attended.

But word also has it the NFL hierarchy is totally disgusted. So is JayZ, who stuck his nose out for his so-called friend trying to make a legitimate tryout happen. Noted sports commentator Stephen A. Smith called it a joke and lamented Kaepernick would rather be a martyr than a quarterback, thus he should stop the charade.

If Kaepernick truly wants to be an NFL quarterback, he played the part of a fool last weekend. Several teams, including the Detroit Lions who had lost their No. 1 Matt Stafford, were seriously considering hiring Kap, if his tryout was up to par. Kaepernick today would be on an NFL roster making a couple of million, if he had stuck to the agreed-upon workout session at the Falcon complex.

But nope, he again tried to make the NFL look foolish and take his dog and pony show elsewhere because organizers didn’t cave to a final demand.

They had already allowed Kap to hire his own receivers. They agreed to several of his other demands, but like a spoiled child he pouted his way to another facility.

Mind you, this was a job interview. Teams were checking out his arm and footwork to determine whether to hire him. Imagine any of us making demands of a potential employer like he did. We wouldn’t even be allowed into the interview room.

Thus, I have determined Kaepernick has no desire to play football. This charade was an attempt to get more publicity. He was no longer in the media spotlight and, like Trump, he craves attention, thus this tryout would feed his craving.

It certainly did that. Now he can continue to be the martyr and wave the victory flag against the imperialistic NFL. Maybe he isn’t a fool after all.