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Klokkert awarded LEEP Scholarship


klokkert-jennaJenna Klokkert of Fennville, a hostess and waitress at Waypoint Restaurant in Douglas since 2011, has been awarded a $1,000 Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) Dream Scholarship.

The Hamilton High School graduate is among 22 recipients of such stipends, meant to encourage their pursuit of law enforcement/public safety careers by LEEP’s professional public safety officers.

Klokkert plans to use her scholarship at Grand Rapids Community College. “I plan to major in criminal justice and become a CSC detective or victim’s advocate,” she wrote in her scholarship application. “Criminal justice is so interesting to me. I believe my experiences will make me very successful in my career.”

“College has caused me quite a bit of stress, mostly with the amount it will cost,” she continued. “This scholarship would be an honor to receive and it would help me so much financially.”

Klokkert graduated from high school with a 3.9 GPA. She completed public safety and security services classes at Careerline Tech Center and received academic awards for her high GPA and performance in class.

“She has worked hard all year, been a classroom leader and has had the most academic success in our classroom, earning the highest grade in the program,” wrote Careerline instructor Lee Hoeksema. “She is a person of integrity and displays a high level of personal accountability.

“I believe that she would make great use of your scholarship and would represent LEEP and POLC as an honorable candidate,” the instructor said.

Klokkert has worked as a hostess and waitress for Waypoint Restaurant since 2011 and at Pilot/Arby’s since 2015 as a server and cashier, among other jobs. She also worked as a server at Bob Evans’ restaurant from 2014-15.

“I feel I am a good leader, but did not participate in many school activities due to my need to work throughout high school,” Klokkert wrote.

“I was eligible for National Honor Society each year, but respectfully declined because all throughout high school I had to work to support myself so I had little time to do anything else.”