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Michigan’s Excessive Heat Warning: How to Beat the Heat


All of Michigan is shuddering in anticipation as we enter the excessive heat warning this Friday. As temperatures crest 100 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend, we can expect to remain in this official warning until Saturday evening.

An excessive heat warning is far more serious than the oft-seen heat watch. According to the National Weather Service, a heat watch simply means that cities and townships must start making preparations for intense heat to come. An excessive heat warning, on the other hand, is announced 12 hours before the onset of dangerous heat conditions. In most cases, this warning suggests that temperatures will remain at 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for more than two consecutive days.

Forecasts in Michigan certainly meet this mark. Temperatures are expected to crest 107 degrees in Detroit and Flint while Ann Arbor reaches 109. Worse yet, the evening hours offer little relief from the heat and accompanying high levels of humidity: it’s expected that temperatures will only fall into the mid-70s throughout the night.

While you might not be able to hash out a whole home remodel during the heatwave, there are a few simple ways you can transform your home to combat future heat warnings. After all, an estimated two-thirds of homeowners plan on remodeling their home at some point or another. If you’re tired of the heat, here are some of the top ways to stay cool this summer.

Upgrade your HVAC

The best thing you can do during a heat advisory is to stay indoors where it’s cool. Because of high levels of humidity, heavy air can make it hard for elderly folks and children to breathe properly. While we can expect storms to break the heat late Friday night, we’ll still have to suffer through high temperatures tomorrow, as well.

Upgrading your HVAC unit will ensure that your house is safe from the heatwave. Newer models are more energy-efficient and run more reliably than older models. Without a good HVAC unit, heatstroke and heat exhaustion might occur. Ensure your loved ones get plenty of rest when they need to, even though we only need around eight hours of sleep each night. Instead of overdoing it, be sure to sit down when your body temperature rises.

Cover your body — and your furniture — in breathable fabrics

The best way to stay cool is by wearing loose-fitting, light clothing. Tight shirts and thick pants will only make you feel miserable during the humidity of a heatwave. And if you’re coping with the stickiness of a leather couch, you might want to invest in a cotton cover. Cotton is a light-weight fabric that can withstand high temperatures. And because it’s breathable, you never need to worry about sitting in a pile of your own sweat.

When you do venture outdoors, there’s no harm in carrying a parasol or wearing a large hat to provide shade, too. This type of coverage is vital in protecting your skin from the blaring heat. The only thing worse than hot temperatures is a sunburn on top of it.

Invest in a pool

Since we can’t swim on the beaches of Lake Michigan until tonight, families will have to make do with community pools, cold showers, and maybe even a lawn sprinkler or two. If you want to ensure your family always has a place to swim, however, it’s worth investing in a pool of your own.

While an above-ground pool is a good option for frugal families on a budget, an in-ground pool can add value to your home. Keep in mind that plaster and fiberglass pools typically lasts 25 years while glass finishes can last almost indefinitely. When you’re investing in an in-ground pool, be sure to talk to your pool company so you don’t overextend your budget. For the time being, you could always embrace your inner child and get a kiddie pool for the backyard. This is also a good option for furry friends who are struggling to cool off.

In the meantime, it’s suggested that families go see a movie or take a trip to the mall if they lack working AC. While this isn’t the first time Michigan has dealt with high temperatures, it certainly won’t be the last. When you want to protect your family from the onslaught of summer heatwaves, try these simple tips — and be sure to drink plenty of water while you’re at it.