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Ox-Bow redefines ‘news you can use’


B1-17 CROx-Bow 6x-cry Scott Sullivan


What’s black, white, read and worn all over? This newspaper.

We should have known when we told friends at Ox-Bow, “Sure, take some leftover bundles of The Commercial Record. Otherwise we recycle them.”

Off they went and we now have evidence of what art students turned them into: outfits for a “When Print Performs” class. Talk about news you can use.

It gets weirder. Teachers Alex and Brendan Chitty are expanding on different ways to activate or “breathe life” into the printed image using Bauhaus ballet as a point of reference. The class will culminate in a ballet performance Thursday, Jan. 17.

“Lots of exercises have gone on all week,” Alex told us, including a 15-minute one where the class worked in teams of three to make costumes around a particular theme, such as Arctic Tundra.

That effort, the source of photos shown here, was followed by a snowy runway catwalk. Gotta love winter art classes in the woods. The old papers will be used again for final costumes in the ballet.

“None of us are dancers. None of us are directors. None of us are masters of print. All of us are people learning to work and play together. It’s been a blast so far,” Alex said.

Worn out by the news? Fight back: Wear it out instead!