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‘Pajama game’ feeds with summit view


3-7 Pajama pyramid 4x-crBy Scott Sullivan


Worried about your children? Think of the mortification we cause them.

“Dad, where are you?” my daughter asked when she called my cell phone Friday.

“Climbing Mt. Baldhead in the snow next to a woman dressed in kangaroo pajamas,” I told her.


“There’s a joey in her pouch, a guy wearing Batman pajamas and another in shorts. Want to buy a home from them?”

“Only in Saugatuck …” she said.

When Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt Saugatuck-Douglas Realtors committed this winter to collecting 3,000 items to give to the Christian Neighbors food pantry by Feb. 28, it looked like an uphill climb.

What was in it besides feeding needy families? The real draw, for some perverse donors anyway, was Realtors pledging to climb 302 steps to Baldhead’s summit March 1 in their pajamas.

With 3,446 nonperishable food items as of that morning, there was no backing down.

“Ambulances are standing by?” I asked at base camp.

“You climb and we’ll do a pyramid at the top,” Associate Broker Dave Hulst promised.

These folks know how to sell. When I took them up on it, I mean up.

“Dad,” asked my daughter. “Is everyone crazy in Saugatuck?”

“Puff-puff … There are good and bad kinds of crazy. Here, almost all of it’s good,” I said.