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Rosemont Inn exhibits James’ nature photography


The Rosemont Inn, 83 Lakeshore Drive, Douglas, will host an exhibit of local nature photography by Michigan artist Peter James, many pieces featuring digital enhancements, during the 41st annual Fall Gallery Stroll weekend Friday through Monday, Oct. 5-8, from noon to 5 p.m. daily.

Viewers are invited to meet James at an reception there Saturday, Oct. 6, from 3 to 7 p.m.

“For 40 years,” says James, “I have developed and grown my art, watching as film photography gave way to digital, and software began to blur the line between photography and art.

“I will often take images from nature and use digital effects to transform them into something more than the original print. Using materials including metal prints and canvas, I then create something that transcends traditional ‘artsy’ photography.

“Many photographers, he goes on, “speak of being able to ‘see’ the composition of the finished photo before they even take the first picture. But I sometimes ‘see’ the next step, to take an amazing photograph and take it to another level with a unique artistic flair and feel.

“With macrophotography, I can peer into the tiny recesses of a flower, or the beautiful lines and curves of petals. I also like to find the whimsy of our fauna, and delight in capturing that one-of-a-kind shot of a chimpanzee gleefully jumping off a rock, or two bears embraced in a playful fight.

James believes “the difference between a picture and a photograph is that while a picture makes the photographer emote, a photograph makes other people emote. I try to make people see what I see in a photograph and am especially happy when they do.”