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Smile! Patients, Douglas dentistry happy to expand


10-5 Smile 4x-cr10-5 Smile 2 2 4x-crBy Scott Sullivan


Commercial Record office manager Laura Schippa is not the only one smiling thanks to Douglas dentist Tracey DellaVecchia.

The practice has grown to where DellaVecchia is expanding, building a new office more than twice the size of her current one at 430 Wiley Road.

“Our present office was built as a house in the 1950s,” she said. “It needs new windows, plumbing, electrical and roof, plus we have water in the basement. The office bathroom still has a shower and basement in it.”

DellaVecchia’s predecessor, Douglas’ first full-time dentist Marty Raebel, started sharing the building with a medical doctor in 1977, then expanded into its full space. He later took on DellaVecchia as a partner and sold the practice to her before retiring.

“It’s been going well enough to invest in new space,” she said. The new, modern office will be 4,600 square feet, up from 2,100; plus offer four doctor and four hygienist rooms, up from two apiece. Its waiting room and parking also will be expanded.

DellaVecchia hopes to move into the new office by next April. The original building will eventually be torn down and replaced with parking.

“I’m sad,” DellaVecchia said, “that we’ve had to log so many trees (on the 2-acre site). We’ll re-landscape, of course. We will have a swale that re-routes stormwater to a retention pond, from which deer who visit us can drink. Patients in back rooms will have views of that.”

The dentist performed cosmetic work last month on Schippa’s front teeth, filling a chip with resin composite bonding, straightening other teeth and touching up their surfaces.

“The idea is to make it look like no work has been done there,” said DellaVecchia. “Laura’s process lasted about an hour and drew on my years of experience shaping and matching colors.”

“I can laugh and smile without feeling embarrassed now,” Schippa said. “I don’t cover my mouth with my hand anymore.

“I’m more confident in my appearance now,” Schippa said.

For more information about DellaVecchia Dental Services, call (269) 857-1431 or visit dds.douglas. com.