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Spring clean-up


4-20 SBC cleanup babies 3x-crBy Scott Sullivan
Forty-two volunteers joined three organizers filling four trash bins with refuse collected from Saugatuck Dunes State Park and adjacent Laketown Township Shore Acres Park Thursday, April 13.
The first annual Dunes-Beach Clean-Up, organized by Saugatuck Brewing Co. and The Outdoor Discovery Center, received boosts from other sponsors.
Gordon’s Food Service donated garbage bags used, while local restaurants GROW, Borrowed Time and The Kirby contributed food for volunteers to enjoy in the nearby Felt Mansion after their labors.
“We were able to cover all 2.5 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline,” said SBC marketing coordinator Megan Scheerhorn (Pruim), who joined Anna Daab and Robert Antor organizing the cleanup, “plus every official trail through the Dunes State Park, which totals more than 11 miles.
“We completely filled four trash bins by the end of the event, plus we brought a couple of the larger items back to the brewery to put in our dumpster.”
The brewery in addition furnished gloves for volunteers to wear during the cleanup and the ODC E-Z Reachers. Chef Container furnished an extra pickup, and the Felt Mansion helped to set up the meal afterwards.