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Tiger’s Masters win inspires us all

Tiger’s Masters win inspires us all


By Mike Wilcox


A year ago I wrote we all should be inspired by Tiger Woods’ comeback to competitive golf. The man who 20 years ago was on top of the world with record earnings, any commercial gig he desired and million-dollar homes saw it all come crashing down with four back surgeries; a protracted, ugly divorce that brought front and center his many infidelities, and a DUI arrest.

If we weren’t inspired then, we certainly were Sunday when his life came full circle. With tear-filled eyes we watched as he hoisted his children in the air after winning his first major golf tournament, The Masters, in 12 years.

Tiger had proven that no matter what life throws at us, we can come back from it with determination and faith.

Tiger’s story is not unlike many of ours, granted his has been much more public. We all have at times faced struggles we felt were insurmountable. Some have even contemplated suicide because our problems at a particular time seemed greater than life itself.

Tiger made history. Many sports commentators claimed his comeback was the greatest in all of sports. The fact is, there are many instances of people changing course through determination and faith to make their lives better. We can do the same.

Life is a series of ups and downs. It is up to us to enjoy the good times, but dig in and learn from the bad ones because, trust me, they will come. It’s fool’s gold to think you can breeze through life without pitfalls here and there.

I’ve had my share. Divorce, bankruptcy, jobless, having to live with relatives … all this happened to me relatively recently. I thought many times about quitting my job search and living on the beach as a bum.

Then I thought about my child and kind of example I should be setting. I became determined and believed I could rebound and find success again.

In a few years I did just that. Not on the magnitude of Tiger, but in my own way I was on top of the world again. And thanks to the higher being, I have learned much from my trip to the depths of despair — most important that we should always be positive and never quit. It may take a few years, but if you apply determination and faith to your daily grind you will ultimately achieve emotional success.

The massive crowds at The Masters, almost all of whom were hoping for a Tiger win, reinforces how we appreciate a feel-good story. Against all odds, and many experts claiming he could never play competitive golf again, Tiger proved them wrong.