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To end mass killings, start by following through

To end mass killings, start by following through


By Mike Wilcox


Few people follow through on what they say they will do, therefore ours is a society of unfulfilled promises.

Parents don’t discipline their children. Instead they threaten. Teachers don’t force students to finish their homework. Doctors don’t force patients to follow through with proper health regimens. And of course when we don’t follow through there are no consequences.

Along with a broken mental health system, social media and easy access to semi-automatic weapons, lack of follow through is to blame for the recent rash of multiple killings we are experiencing in America.

You can’t tell me the latest multiple killers — one 21 years old, the other 25 — weren’t on someone’s radar.

If the parents had followed through and went to the authorities with warning signs, the killings may not have happened.

If teachers had said something more (they did kick one of the killers out of school), maybe a multiple murderer would have been stopped.

If psychiatrists would have been more diligent and reported their findings to law enforcement, we wouldn’t be talking about the mass murders today.

And if law enforcement had red-flagged these murderers who had spewed hatred on social media, maybe lives would have been saved.

Instead we have endured another weekend of tragedy. Our fellow Americans have lost lives of innocent family members and friends at a Walmart in El Paso and at a busy downtown area in Dayton.

I find it shameful that one of the killers, after being kicked out of school for violent behavior and threats, could walk into a gun shop and purchase a semi-automatic weapon. He passed his background check without incident because what goes on in school stays in school. In other words, school officials are prohibited by law to report incidents to law enforcement. What kind of nonsense is this?

The law, however, does not apply to social media. It seems like so often after the fact, we dig into Facebook accounts of the perpetrators filled with posts and threats of violence that would make many of us report the deranged individual. But either his social media friends encourage the violent behavior or simply ignore it.

What about the parents? Are they aware of their child’s tendencies? They have to be, but would rather believe their child couldn’t possibly commit a violent crime.

I have written several times about the mental illness aspect. I wasn’t a proponent of institutionalizing and medicating people with mental disorders. That is at best, inhumane. But we now have a system where too many people with mental disorders are not getting proper care.

We have spent much effort of late to rid America of opioid abuse, but to me the larger problem is the millions of people who suffer from one mental disorder or another. It is an enormous problem that has been shoved on the back burner. Most of the mass murderers as of late suffer from schizophrenia or a similar mental illness. Proper care might have prevented several mass killings.

As a society we all have to be more diligent. Authorities must follow through and complete their assigned tasks. We have made it too easy for criminals, illegals and ordinary citizens to slip through the cracks of justice.

As parents we have failed our responsibilities by allowing our children to “do their own thing” whether it be social media or video games without supervision. We’ve simply got to do a better parenting job.

We have to follow through in all aspects of society if we want to put a stop to mass killings.