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Township OKs low bid to resurface roads

Township OKs low bid to resurface roads


By Scott Sullivan


The Saugatuck Township Board April 2 accepted contractor Rieth-Riley Construction’s $373,541 low bid to resurface local roads this year.

The Allegan County Road Commission opened work bids March 20 and recommended resurfacing:

  • 63rd Street 1.65 miles, 28 feet wide with 2-inch gravel shoulder, from Old Allegan Road to 136th Avenue.
  • Lorrimar Lane 0.37 miles from Old Allegan Road south to the dead end 28 feet wide with 2-inch shoulders.
  • Ototeman Trail and Wakama Way 0.3 miles from 64th Street east to dead ends 30 feet wide with 1-inch topsoil shoulders.
  • Riverside Drive from Holland Street 0.17 mile north to the dead end 20 feet wide with 1-inch gravel shoulders.

ACCR managing director Craig Atwood urged the board to authorize issuing checks up to the bid amount as soon as possible as prompt payments to contractors keep estimated costs down.

“This is the bid price based on estimated quantities,” Atwood wrote township supervisor Chris Roerig March 20. “The final cost will usually be different by as much as 5 to 10 percent, either more or less than this price.

“It will not be known until completion of the project, as well as our construction engineering and testing expense, up to 10 percent of the construction cost, and our distributive expense, which was 2.277 percent in 2017,” Atwood said.

The township March 6 approved an estimated $481,622.97 total towards 2019 work. Also on tap will be dust control on unpaved roads as needed using the township’s $8,389.98 for that endeavor.

The township has 54.11 miles of roads, 21.02 miles considered primary and 32.99 miles local.

The county is responsible for snow removal, grading gravel roads, repair and general maintenance of its township roadways as well as placement and upkeep of all roadway signs. It designs, engineers and contracts all road improvements.

The township funds local road reconstruction and repairs, plus work on large culverts, via two dedicated 5-year, 1-mill levies extending through 2021 and 2023.